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Floribbean Seafood: Fisherman of the Quater - Jackson Coate

Fisherman of the Quarter

Jackson Coate

Jackson Coate is the Captain and owner of F/V The General, a buoy gear swordfish vessel hailing from Pompano Beach Florida. Since 2011, Jackson and crew have been harvesting dayboat caught swordfish in the Florida Straits. Underpinning their efforts as fisherman is a strong belief in the efficacy of buoy gear caught swordfish.

Developed as a more sustainable alternative to pelagic longlines (PLLs), buoy gear involves using up to 35 free floating buoys with baited lines to target the fish. While PLLs are left all night to soak buoy gear is actively tended. Fisherman work through the night to keep their lines baited and fishing effectively. Active tending of the gear allows for fish to be caught and processed much more quickly than longline fish. In the rare incidence of bycatch, the species is quickly caught and released rather than left on the line for hours as with PLLs.

Moving forward Jackson hopes that buoy gear swordfish continues to gain traction and visibility with fisherman and consumers around the world. The crew of F/V The General proudly stands behind their work as fisherman and stewards of the marine environment.