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Floribbean Seafood: Michael Black - Founder

Our History

How it all began…
It started over 30 years ago when Michael Black, an experienced and innovative longline fisherman, began to segregate the best of the catch from each trip, marketing his fresh product to the finest dining establishments in the region. Located in the heart of South Florida with close proximity and access to the abundant gulf stream waters, Floribbean Seafood enjoys a year-round supply of “directly-sourced” local and imported fresh and frozen sustainable product. As a family-owned and operated business, we provide a hands-on, relationship-centric approach to each of our accounts. This is made possible by our dedicated employees who value both quality and fair market value, while working to ensure that each customer’s expectations are exceeded.

Traceability / Sustainability

At Floribbean, traceability remains one of our highest priorities and demonstrates our commitment to our customers by providing them with the source and origin of all our products to enhance marketing, control, and point-of-sale transactions, while ensuring the seafood is safe, legally caught, and properly labeled.

Additionally, as a wise steward of our oceans offerings, we place tremendous value on the sustainability and long-term viability of all the resources we procure through transparency and accountability in the supply chain. Whether our fish are wild-caught or farmed, you can be sure that it comes from a local or global partner dedicated to the same principles.

Floribbean Seafood: Traceability/Sustainability
Floribbean Seafood: Quality


For over three decades, Floribbean has been the benchmark for pristine seafood, setting the standard the industry has become to know us by.

Floribbean Seafood: Integrity


A long history of honest dealings with our customers and suppliers with a reputation for always doing the “right thing.”
Floribbean Seafood: Seafood


With over 75 products in both our fresh and frozen offerings, we have something for every tastebud and occasion.